Arosa German Shorthaired Pointers

Our extended family

Welcome to my Photo Album.
Click each link to view larger photo.

These are pictures of great pets in fab homes that we get sent to us from time to time.
Hope you enjoy and we will try and put more up as time goes by.
Thanks to all the wonderful owners.

Zak (Flame/Drum Son)
Izzy (Flame/Drum gal)
Quest(flame/drum gal) and her dali friend
Molly(flame/drum gal)
Gus(gabby/oscar boy)
Gab/Kip kids
Hermon 'd' Germon
Jake (Drum bro)
Tex on the Move
Ash/Pipi son
Jaffa our oldie
Molly on point in UK
Molly and Tex
Oscar first season 2012
Oscar (Ash/Tia son)


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